Managed Services (Outsourcing)
Managed Services (Outsourcing)

Full circle, advanced, high quality and reliable management solutions, available in outsourcing, for a wide array of activities and projects, for business clients, government projects and social organizations.
By outsourcing activities, projects, processes and special tasks, as well as supervision of quality and total accountability for the results, the company’s clients enjoy external management that allows them to focus on the professionalism of the organization, its growth and its successful competition with similar organizations.

Years of experience in the outsourcing field and a skilled managerial team, enable Maof management services to create a custom-made effective and economic solution for end-to-end project management using outsourcing, that includes “the complete package”. The outsourced personnel offered to the client is professional, always available and is completely compatible with the client’s needs in every field.
We provide our clients with quality management and supervision and control services, while quantifying the clear and pre-agreed results of activities, a high-quality level of execution according to agreed-upon indices, responsibility for all stages of the task – operation and management of the work teams and ensuring the output, while maintaining an employer-employee relationship between Maof and the employees.
Furthermore, we enable flexible compatibility of the activity model, which allows for growth and reduction within short periods of time, as determined by the needs of the activity or the project.


In our 20 years of operation, we have gained extensive experience in all fields of the human resources world – placement, recruitment, occupational assessment, employment, employee training, guidance and counselling and individual accompaniment for job seekers.


Our guiding principle at Maof is 'people thinking people'. For years we have implemented the warm attitude and the unmediated humane approach, which characterize our activity. First and foremost, we see the person standing before us and make sure all who contact us are met with a caring and attentive environment, personal attention, and reliability


400 skilled professionals committed to teamwork, creativity, initiative and excellence, who strive for uncompromising professionalism in every field. Organizing professional training for employees is a high priority for the group, while encouraging excellence, improvement and constant learning.


Maof Group constantly develops, learns and implements innovative methods, while striving to discover breakthrough organizational processes and methods, always one step ahead of the others, finding innovative applicable solutions for the projects under our management in accordance with the changing market conditions. We use digital tools and advanced technologies that are customized for each activity.
"Do What You Do Best
And Outsource The Rest"
- Peter Drucker -

Management of technological projects

TOS – Total Outsourcing Solutions

Management of payroll systems

Management of customer service arrays and service and sales centers

Maintenance and management of logistics centers and warehouses

Maintenance and management of facilities

Management of assembly and production lines

Management of recruitment and HR arrays

Management of packaging and container lines

Outsourcing in factories

Inventory counts

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