Maof the Human Resource

Maof Group is a private partnership, providing innovative and breakthrough human capital solutions.
Maof is among the first-rate, veteran, established and leading companies in the human capital field in Israel.

Maof has solid financial backing, which enables the employment of the best professionals while constantly continuing their training, opening 38 branches and 10 operational branches country-wide, sustaining partnerships with vocational guidance centers for diverse populations, employing 10,000 devoted employees and training them, sustaining a current and extensive candidate database, providing advanced managed services with outsourcing at the client’s location, some under the client’s brand (Private Label HR Services) and continuing the development of the group through the development of new models and new initiatives in the field of human resources

The history of Maof

The group was founded in 1999 by two childhood friends turned entrepreneurs, while in their twenties, Yaniv Nadler and Amit Reshef, the group owners. What started with one branch in Hutzot Ha’Mifratz in Haifa that employed 10 employees in 1999, Maof transformed into a group of companies and divisions that specialize in the human resources field, and operate via 38 country-wide branches in Israel, with over 10000 employees.

Since it was founded, the Maof Group has gained experience, professionalism, financial stability and an extensive reputation in all fields of the human resources world – placement, recruitment, managed services, outsourcing services, occupational assessment, employment, employee training, guidance and counselling, and individual accompaniment for job seekers.
Through its subsidiaries and the group divisions, Maof provides total managed services to leading companies and organizations in the Israeli economy, as well as to long and short projects on demand.
Each company and division in the Maof group specializes in its field and operates in full synergy with the sister companies and divisions, while leaning on the group’s human, professional and financial resources.

Our vision

Compassion, professionalism, experience, values and innovation. Maof strives to continue leading the human resources field, while maintaining an innovative, current and long-term strategic vision.

  • • We see ourselves as partners in the success of our clients in Israel and worldwide, in the fields of human capital, in the training field, in breakthrough technological fields and in the managed services field.
    • We are ground-breaking and operate with humanity and professionalism. Aiming to lead progress in every field and committed to providing our clients with all human and financial resources required for their success.
    • We see our people as the primary resource upon which the growing company depends. Therefore, we nurture an open environment that encourages listening, support of company employees and its managers through uncompromising professional training and providing an open space for creative and innovative ideas.
    • We are comprised of a group of companies that encourage teamwork, creativity, initiative and excellence, with employees who are proud of their place of work.
    • Maof is among the first companies in the field of managed services and human resource placement and recruitment that established an “innovation forum”, which opens a dialogue with future content worlds, catalyzes groundbreaking methodologies and directs the group and its subsidiaries towards Maof’s future array of activities.

People thinking people

Maof’s guiding principle is – ‘people thinking people’, and has implemented the unmediated humane approach for many years. This characterizes Maof’s activities, sets us apart from others and positions us as leaders in the field. This approach is enjoyed by the company’s many clients, that are treated as if they were the only client, for the purpose of maximizing their success and gaining the upper hand on their competitors.

In Maof, clients find a home that is attentive to their individual needs and can provide them with creative and innovative occupational solutions along with close and personal accompaniment. For this reason, Maof clients remain loyal to the company throughout the years and even bring additional clients that also enjoy the same personal, respectful, patient, sensitive and skilled treatment that is based on over twenty years of experience.

The Maof Group is committed to teamwork, creativity, initiative and excellence, and the company’s faithful employees are proud to be a part of it and a part of their clients’ success, which provides them with even more ambition and fulfillment.

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